Karma Dino Kit Car Rebuild

Anyone who has looked at this site anytime recently will be forgiven for thinking that it's an abandoned project. Well, it's not! Suffice to say, life has got in the way since the start of 2016 so 'Dino-time' has been scarce. That doesn't mean that nothing has happened at all though, and I am very close to trying to start the engine.

These photos are a reminder of what my Dino looked like when I got it: Dino - eBay pictures. Dino - my pictures. . Between 2012 and 2015 the car was stripped back to it's chassis and the chassis/suspension were refurbished. The engine was modified so that I could fit the Type 9 gearbox necessary for using the Zetec in a rear wheel drive configuration. The engine and gearbox were mounted in the chassis, and a professional welder paid to do all structural welding. Various fabrication tasks were started, including an inlet manifold and radiator mountings. Also, the fuel system was fitted.

Since then the cooling and fuel systems have been completed, and the engine wiring tidied. A battery tray has been constructed and fitted, fluids added, and now the engine will turn over 'on the key'. At then moment I am building a temporary exhaust by cutting and welding sections of the rusty old Ford Mondeo exhaust. I changed the radiator mountings, the fuel system was fitted and electrical earths made Dino - my pictures. .

Massive day today, captured on Video of course !!

The temporary exhaust was completed yesterday Dino - my pictures., gearbox oil topped up, final safety checks made and the engine started. It was not particularly difficult to get running - there were a couple of vacuum and air intake related issues that were quickly sorted and then.... vroooom vroooom !!

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