This is my Karma Dino, a kit car loosely based on the Ferrari 246 Dino. Actually the front end is fairly accurate but the rear screen was changed to flat glass in order to keep build costs down. 30+ years on that is probably a good thing as replacing that glass would have been an expensive nightmare!

Approximately 1100 kits were produced by the American manufacturer, and the kit was first sold in the UK in the late 1970's by RW Kit Cars. This car was registered in 1984 and is in need of total restoration. There were an estimated 200 UK cars, of which some builds would never have made it onto the road and would have sadly ended up as abandoned projects. Running, road legal, Karma Dino's are rare beasts - but there is soon to be one more member of that exclusive group!

My car was previously on the road which, importantly, means that it is fully registered in the UK and passed its M.O.T test before being taken off then road. This means that most structural components, and critical parts like brakes, should be in pretty good condition. When the car was running it had a Cosworth Turbo engine so would have been pretty fast! It came to me with no engine and gearbox, so I will be using the Ford Zetec 1.8l engine that was rebuilt by a friend and myself.

The build is blogged in detail, with many photo's, here for the early stages (2012-2015) and here for the recent work. Or just put your feet up with a beverage of your choice and enjoy the videos.

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